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Working for Workers

I believe our province can only fully recover from the pandemic by taking action to support hard-working Ontarians whose livelihoods have been damaged along the way. So, our government has:

• Raised the minimum wage to $15 per hour effective January 1
• Delivered $3 billion in urgent support to over 110,000 small businesses
• Empowered employees in workplaces of 25 or more to “digitally disconnect” from their jobs at the end of the work day
• Created a Critical Minerals Strategy to secure investments and jobs in areas like electric vehicle technologies
• Secured $5.6 billion in investment commitments from the auto sector for electric vehicle supply chain capacity
• Launched a $40 million Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Competitiveness plan
• Boosted our Skilled Trades Strategy by $90.3 million over three years
• Extended the Ontario Jobs Training Tax Credit to 2022
• Created a new Ontario Staycation Tax Credit worth $270 million
• Funded $1.1 million for a dedicated team of inspectors of temp agency and migrant worker recruiters