Over the past few months, bike lanes on Bloor Street have emerged as one of the most significant concerns among residents in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. Many in my community have brought their frustrations to my attention. I understand that most of you are not opposed to bike lanes outright but are opposed to the traffic congestion they create.

Let there be no doubt that I share your view about the unsuitability of bikes on Bloor Street, and your concerns about the plan to add new ones on the Queensway. There is a place for bike lanes, but arterial roads like Bloor St and Queensway are not those places.

I believe, it’s crucial to engage a wider range of voices in this debate.

Please participate in the survey below to share your thoughts on bike lanes in your neighborhood. While this is a municipal issue, I remain committed to listening to your feedback and taking action to amplify your voice.

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